Visitor Re-Targeting

Visitor Re-targeting

What Exactly is Visitor Re-Targeting?

To better describe it, let’s paint a picture. You visit a clothing website for some online shopping and then you leave the website to go do something else on the internet. While you are browsing around the internet, some ads pop up and the ads are for the same site you were just online shopping on! It isn’t just today that you see the ads, a couple days later they pop up as well. This is called ‘retargeting’ and it is a way for websites that you have visited to advertise to you once you have visited their website (or even opened their email).

Sites like Facebook and Google are huge into retargeting ads to you but there are other players in this market as well. Why do businesses use retargeting as a form of advertising? Well, it is cheap and it is also quite effective! This is because you know you are advertising to people that are interested in your product, service or company. Your advertisement could be a reminder that they didn’t finish their shopping experience, or just keeping you in mind for the future but regardless, staying in contact with customers that have previously been to your site is never a bad idea.

Retargeting is a smart business idea, no questions asked. If you are already making content such as blog posts and videos, you are making an investment into potential customers that you want to bring to your site. So why not increase your return on investment with some visitor retargeting to bring people back to your site who have already left it. If you have already gone to the trouble of getting them to your site, using retargeting will be a cheap way to get them to return.

The attention span of the average customer online in this day and age is very little and while they may watch your video online and enjoy it, they may forget about it a few minutes later. That is why using visitor retargeting will remind them of your website and why they visited it in the first place is a great idea. There is a reason why thousands of companies are using retargeting to get potential customers back to their site – it is because it works, and it is cheap.

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