Video Optimization

Video Optimization

While creating videos for your website is important, it is also crucial that you go through the video optimization process. Optimizing your videos for SEO can be a decisive factor in the success of your videos and your website.

There are many different ways that you can look to optimize your videos and some of them are listed below:


Optimize the URL

You will want to make sure the URL of the video is optimized, preferably with a keyword in it.

Optimize the title

One of the most important parts of video optimization is to ensure the title has your keyword in it – preferably at the beginning of your title!

Optimize your description

You will want to place your keywords in your video description as well as your meta-tagging because Google will use this to display your results.

Link back to your site

If you are posting your videos on social media, on blog posts or on video sites like YouTube, it is important to link back to your site! The principle is no different than writing articles for blogs and forums, you always want to provide a link back to your site both for search engines and potential visitors.

Even optimize your file name

Even saving your video with an optimized file name could help.

The list provided above is not an exhaustive list and by no means should you stop there. Video optimization is an important part of creating great videos for your site and is one of the steps you will need to take to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts. There is no point in brainstorming, planning and creating excellent videos if you are not ensuring you are getting the most out of them!

Now that you know a bit about why it is important to use video content on and off your website for SEO purposes, you hopefully understand why video optimization is a step you shouldn’t miss either. Customers expect a lot from companies and websites these days. The attention span of the online market is decreasing rapidly and if we are not constantly coming out with great content and exciting videos, then we are likely a step behind our competition. It is always a constant battle to stay ahead of our competitors while also continuing to put out quality videos and content for our existing and future customers. More often than not, we need a little help to get us over that hump.

You should consider hiring a search engine optimization company like SEOExplode for all of your video content creation and optimization needs. They know what needs to be done and they can save you a lot of time and a lot of money! SEOExplode has been in the business for many years and can help you stay ahead of your competition and in line with your customers.