Video Creation

Video Creation

We read a lot about how to optimize your website both on-site and off-site and it is hard to know what is best to do. With the growing popularity of content rich media on websites, consumers are looking for this experience wherever they go. Video creation for your website is starting to become important, and there are definitely some benefits of video optimization both on your website and off your website.

First of all, videos can decrease your bounce rate. Bounce rate is essentially the percentage of single-page visits (meaning when someone leaves your site from the entrance page). This is used by search engines like Google to determine the quality of your site by seeing whether the landing page is relevant to visitors. Video creation for your site can provide an engaging way for your visitors to connect with you and stay on your page longer. This can decrease your bounce rate and have you ranked higher with Google.

Furthermore, you are more likely to rank higher with a video than with text as there is a lot less competition for videos than there is for text. Using YouTube for your video creation is a great idea as this will help you get on to that first page! If you are going to create video content, you will want to ensure that you have it up on YouTube. There are a bunch of other sites that you can post your video on that will help you as well. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg and Google+. These sites can help direct traffic to your site through click-throughs as well as building a back link to your site, which the search engines will like!

Video creation is important also because videos create buzz. Thousands of videos have gone ‘viral’ as people love to share great videos with their friends. Sharing text is not as exciting and engaging and thus having some videos will be a great way to spread your brand around the online marketplace.

At the end of the day, all we really want is traffic to our site. If our site is ready for that traffic, the rest should take care of itself. Video creation is a great way to get buzz on the internet and with any luck, this buzz will translate into visitors to your site but only if it is done correctly. Just creating YouTube videos is not the way to get people to your site as less than 1% of YouTube visitors actually click through to sites. With that being said, it is definitely a start and that that you should consider making soon.

SEOExplode can take your video creation ideas to a whole new level. They know how to leverage your videos not only to get your buzz on the internet but also using the videos to bring people back to your site to increase your traffic. By using SEOExplode, you will not have to worry about all the technicalities that come along with search engine optimization. They will take your vision and make your website dreams a reality!