Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization Services to Improve Business Outcomes

Enable and increase social consumption with SMO or social media optimization services. We optimize your online assets so they’re consumable and spreadable via social media platforms, which lead to increased sales. SEO Explode is a leading U.S provider of social media optimization services.

  • Build a strong presence online for your brand through social media exposure to your content, products and/or services.
  • Cut advertising cost by leveraging social media channels for brand awareness and customer acquisition.
  • A strong social presence is a good indicator of trust and authority that naturally increases your search engine rankings.
  • Get found easily on social media networks when consumers search for the products you offer.
  • Target audiences that are interested in your company’s offerings, using demographic data like age, location, income, etc.
  • Work with social media champions. We have a 99 percent client retention and satisfaction rate.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization refers to optimizing online company assets so it’s possible to leverage social platforms for growth. This involves optimizing your website so content is easily shareable and consumer engagement is encouraged. But also includes tweaking your social profiles so that you look professional and people can easily locate the business online.

There’s a lot that goes into social media optimization services and it’s very similar to SEO. Essentially, we use social media optimization to expedite conversions and increase the likelihood that prospects will buy from you. Social media optimization is the most important thing an organization can do to stand out in today’s saturated social platforms.

The following interesting facts illustrate why social is important.

  • There are 3.3 billion mobile social media users according to Statista.
  • Currently, 3.48 billion people use social media as par We Are Social.
  • Adults between age 18 and 34 are more likely to engage with a brand over social networks according to MarketingSherpa.
  • An Ambassador study revealed that 71 percent of consumers are more likely to recommend brands they like on social media.


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Social Media Is Everywhere and SMO Service Is Critical

We’re in a digital age where even children as old as six years old are on social media. Practically everyone is aware of it and more than half the world uses social media platforms. So naturally, it forced a change in the way companies approached brand awareness and customer acquisition campaigns.

Social platforms have become part of our daily lives and changed how we conduct business. Essentially, it forced the world economies to adjust how they operate. Now that’s powerful stuff but here’s the best part.

Social media is a more affordable way of spreading awareness and earning customers unlike traditional advertising methods (e.g. TV). Any business or person can instantly start promoting their services or products on social media channels organically.

That means there’s no need to put a massive budget upfront and hope for the best. You can keep tweaking until you find the right formula that works. In short, getting social media optimization service is how you leverage social platforms for free with minimum investment.

The Best Social Media Optimization Company

SEO Explode is a global social media optimization services provider based in New York. We’re a full-service online marketing firm, offering services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC and others. We have a proven track record of success that wouldn’t have been possible without our team of writers, creatives, and marketing experts.

We understand that the Internet has become more competitive. Many businesses compete for the same ‘eyeballs’ or attention and only those that stand out triumph. Our job is to make sure your business gets the attention it deserves. We employ innovative tactics and devise strategies customized to fit your business, assisting with achieving your objectives.

The Relationship Between Social Media Optimization and SEO

The line between SEO and social media optimization is pretty much blurred. Some even call SMO ‘social media optimization SEO’. Though they’re different but quite similar disciplines.

Consumers use social media to perform searches like they do with search engines. However, search engine companies are still responsible for the majority of incoming traffic on the web. Social media optimization and SEO complete each other. They’re stronger together.

Link attraction and exposure are tougher without social media. Similarly, your exposure on social platforms is positively impacted when you have good SEO rankings. So every business requires a healthy balance of social media optimization and SEO.

SEO Explode helps you achieve that balance. As a full-service SEO and SMO agency, we can take care of both fronts.

Our Social Media Optimization Process

Good work is practically impossible without a sound process so here’s how we get to work on your business.

Our Social Media Optimization Process

Good work is practically impossible without a sound process so here’s how we get to work on your business.

1. Develop Your Social Media Style Guide

The first thing we do is to help you create your social media style guide, which is often a derivative of the brand style guide. The social media style guide is a collection of guidelines for creatives (e.g. color usage), voice, tone, and messaging among others.

The purpose of a style guide is to create a consistent presence across all social media platforms. Our team ensures that every essential is included in your social media style guide. Things like your mission statement, a brand persona for reference, and others are made present on your style guide.

2. Competition Research

Competitive research will help us identify your biggest competitors, what the target audience likes, and how we may deliver something better. We also use this information to decide on KPIs (key performance indicators) and content production. Also, it comes in handy when setting campaign objectives.

3. Goal Setting

We set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) goals using the deep insights we uncovered during competitive research. These objectives can be adjusted and added upon as we work towards improving your web and social presence. The overall aim is to increase website conversions (e.g. social shares) and engagement on social media platforms.

4. Hashtag and Keyword Research

This is how we identify the most suitable terms to target when creating social media content. Ideally, we’ll be looking for keywords and hashtags that can generate the most exposure for your brand. These keywords and hashtags are also added to your social profiles. That’s because including them on your profile increases relevance so social networks are showing your content to the right people.

5. Optimize Any New and Existing Social Profiles

From images to videos to web copy, we analyze and improve every aspect of your social media profiles as necessary. Also, as previously noted, we’ll naturally sprinkle hashtags and keywords on your web copy to facilitate discovery.

6. High-Quality Content Production

High-quality content is anything that meets the needs of the consumer. We align content production with your audience’s needs to position your brand as an authority. People are willing to trust and remain loyal to companies that they perceive as authorities in their industry.

7. Repeat the Process From Competitive Research

New keywords and competitors emerge regularly. So it’s important that your organization stays on top of things by repeating the entire process every quarter or six months. Hashtag and keyword research should be conducted regularly in addition to setting new goals when objectives are met.
Simply put, we identify emerging trends and more important or potentially lucrative keywords to integrate them into your SEO strategy. This ensures you keep all the coveted page one rankings on search engines that you’ve earned.

Why Work With SEO Explode For Social Media Optimization

  • We go above and beyond plus value our customers a lot. Our aim isn’t just to have you as a social media optimization client but to build a strong long-lasting relationship too.
  • Expect amazing work ethic and high-quality deliverables from our team each time. We always provide what we promise and do what we say we’re going to do.
  • We intimately understand social media and the world of digital marketing, making it practically a sure thing that we’ll improve your sales.
  • Our team will consistently monitor your social media achievements and find better ways to improve upon those results.
  • You’ll know exactly what we’re doing because we regularly deliver performance and activity reports.
  • Campaigns are customized based on your business needs, ensuring that your budget is being put to best use.
  • Our 15+ years of experience in the industry makes us uniquely qualified to achieve the results you want.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for a free social media optimization service demo.