SEO Web Design & Hosting

In this day and age, a company without an online presence to back it up will not be that successful. A lot of people will go online to research things prior to purchasing them, and having a website promoting your brand, products and services is a sign of reliability in the industry. Furthermore, it is no longer just ‘enough’ to have a website, your website should be search engine optimization friendly in order to get people to your website and keep them there upon arrival. SEO friendly web design is extremely important to increasing and maintaining your customer base.

SEO Friendly Web Design & Hosting

A lot of people disregard having an SEO friendly web design because they are so concerned with building links and placing ads, that they forget how important it is to optimize their own website to help with this process. Off-page SEO efforts are not enough to have a solid online presence, you now need to consider on-site SEO tactics. Well-defined navigational tools as well as other user-friendly attributes are incredibly important in a website today.

A few of the things below are important to keep in mind when you are considering your SEO friendly web design.


  • Flash – Search engines often have trouble with flash designs. They are very appealing visually, but the search engine spiders have a hard time crawling through flash designs so the content in these designs will likely be ignored. While you can still use flash in your website, you must take care to add textual descriptions if you want the keywords to be noticed. While it is not imperative to avoid flash, you must know that a website full of flash likely will not be highly ranked.
  • Keywords – You should be using keywords in your titles and meta descriptions of the pages. You should also make sure to put keywords in the page title overall. The content should have keywords too but it is very important not to over-stuff your content with keywords because search engines will notice this and punish you for it. The appropriate keywords you use will be found through extensive research of your market.
  • Be careful with Black Hat tactics – There are a few unethical practices out there such as hidden texts on the website. If this is something you have been using it is important to get rid of this because you can get banned by search engines.
  • SEO Hosting – SEO Hosting is very important, by SEO hosting we mean that your site has super fast loading time, is on a unique and dedicated IP and on a dedicated server.  We want to make sure that your IP is not blacklisted or de-indexed by the search engines such as Google. All of these factors are heavily weighed by Google and other search engines when looking at the “quality of your site”  Also known as on-site SEO factors.

As you can see, there is a lot of things to be aware of and the list above does not even cover half of the things you should keep in mind when creating an SEO friendly web design for your website. This is why you should look to hiring an SEO company like SEOExplode . SEOExplode is the leader in SEO friendly web designs and internet marketing. There is a fine line between being web friendly and overloading your site, so let SEOExplode find the balance between that line so you can focus on running your business.