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SEO Friendly Web Design With Stunning Results

Own a professional website that does more. SEOExplode designs and develops websites that come with all the SEO essentials right out the gate. Our designs produce consistently amazing user experiences across all device types, ensuring your business makes a great impression every time.

  • Earn more search engine traffic. Google, Bing, and others show preference to SEO friendly websites.
  • Maintain a consistent brand presence and user experience no matter how a person chooses to access your site.
  •  Reach and serve more people with an intelligent website that conforms to look great on your visitor’s device (e.g. tablet, cell phone, smartphone, etc.).
  •  Work with a company that knows all the SEO considerations when building a website.
  • Rated the best SEO website design company with 15+ years experience, 99 percent client satisfaction and retention rate

What is SEO Friendly Web Design?

A website is the center of all digital marketing campaigns. SEO friendly web design is the practice of designing and developing websites that address the needs of SEO. In other words, designing a website with SEO marketing aspects that set you up for success.

An SEO friendly website is accessible, crawlable, and comprehensible by all search engines. It’s essential that your website interprets content effectively. This increases the likelihood that your web pages will be indexed and ranked highly on the SERPs (search engine results pages). At SEO Explode, we build websites that work with search engines, not against them.


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SEO Friendly Websites Perform Better On The SERPs

Technical, on-page, mobile, and user experience optimization are all important search engine ranking factors. All of which are addressed with an SEO friendly website design. Websites that aren’t SEO friendly perform poorly on the SERPs. So you simply can’t afford to neglect the SEO-friendliness of your site.

Building an SEO friendly site demands considerable planning and a well-structured approach. At SEO Explode, we believe an SEO friendly website means a site designed in such a way that it can easily rise to the top of search results. And that’s what we deliver.

Our Business is to Improve Yours

SEO Explode is an SEO web design company based in New York but serves customers from all over the globe. We’ve helped hundreds of customers produce SEO friendly websites that have gone on to rank for some of the most lucrative keywords online.

We‘ve put together a team of highly professional individuals that take pride in their work. And treat every step in the design process as important as the next, paying attention to even the smallest of details.

The SEO Explode team is invested in your success. Our mission is to improve your business from the moment you become a client. You’re in good hands.

We Consider Everything!

We look at all the following aspects as part of our design process.

  1. Domain Name
    This won’t apply in every situation but if you already have a domain name, there are certain decisions that must be made. For one thing, your domain needs to make sense with regards to your product or service offerings. Also, search engines treat each variation of your domain name as its own domain.
    For example, is different from and that one is different from, etc. Then there’s the handling of canonicals, which involves ensuring your pages are protected from content duplication. Not to mention addressing any redirect issues and much more.
    We know that it all gets very technical and complex but that’s why you’ll have us on your corner. All of the aforementioned and more are important SEO considerations when building a website.
  2. Web Hosting Options
    Hosting is what allows people to access your website from anywhere and anytime with an Internet-enabled device. Your web hosting service is a crucial decision but too often, people unknowingly choose unreliable web hosts.
    We help ensure your web host is truly fast because slow sites make visitors unhappy. Ideally, you should get a web host or server that is located in the same location as your target audience. For instance, a US-based retailer will want a server that’s located in North America. This ensures fast delivery of your web pages to users.
  3. CMS (Content Management System) or No CMS?
    We design your SEO friendly website based on your objectives. Websites that change frequently such as blogs or web stores require a CMS. But, the CMS you choose as a base can influence how your site performs on search engines. That’s why we look at the big picture, weighing in on all the pros and cons to eliminate any potential SEO debacles.
  4. Indexability
    As previously noted, search engines must be able to easily access, crawl your site, and properly read its content. Search engine algorithms are still heavily reliant on text-based content.
    That means while visuals like images and videos should be present, your main content has to be text-based. Things like adding back-end alternative texts to imagery and text copy below videos will help your pages get indexed and perform better on the SERPs.
  5. Link Structure
    You need a link structure that is easy for search engine algorithms to understand. But, is this your first site or are you replacing an existing website design? Normally, you have to follow the same existing link structure when replacing a prior design. This is so you don’t impact your current SEO rankings.
    Are changes necessary? Don’t worry. At SEO Explode, we’ll handle all the aspects involved in maintaining your current positions on the SERPs even if alterations are absolutely necessary.
  6. Mobile
    Mobile devices are used most by consumers when searching the web for products and information in general. There are plenty of mobile-specific factors that influence the ranking positions of a website. We address all of these when designing and developing your SEO friendly website.

Getting Started With Your SEO Friendly Web Design

Unlike other SEO friendly web design firms that simply focus on the look and feel of your website, SEO Explode does more! We go above and beyond to craft a stunning website that appeals to your target audience. This means increased sales because people do business with companies they like.

Getting started is quick and easy. Call (888) 939-7563 to tell us about your company’s needs or drop a quick line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why Work With Us?

  • Our SEO website design experts are friendly, easy to work with, enthusiastic, and passionate folks that want you to succeed.
  • Get an SEO friendly website that is optimized to facilitate conversions so that you can win more sales. We hyper-focus on SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).
  • Our designs are custom tailored to meet your unique business needs, direction, and vision.
  • Do you need more than an SEO friendly web design? No problem. We’re digital marketing experts with over 15 years of experience with building and taking websites to market. That means not only can we design your site but generate traffic, and increase your revenues too.
  •  We use the latest and most reliable technologies to craft a winning responsive website. Ensuring your company looks amazing in all types of devices.

View our work or give us a shout to discuss your vision and objectives.