Penalty Recovery

As you are undoubtedly aware, Google is the largest search engine in the world and it is used by the majority of searchers out there. With that being said, it is obviously paramount that you are in good standing with Google if you want to get a lot of viewers and potential customers to your site. In the last couple of years, Google has launched an update to its algorithm and it now more closely examines websites for unethical and spammy practices. The update is specifically designed to target spammy websites and penalize them with a big drop in their search engine ranking. If you have been caught by this algorithm you need to seriously consider some penalty recovery because being on Google’s good side is very important!

How the penalty system works is by assessing each link, of each website to see whether the links were manipulated or not. If they have been, then Google will warn the website and decrease their search engine ranking. This usually happens to websites who are ‘over-optimized’ and this can be a result of someone not really understanding how search engine optimization works. In order to being the process of penalty recovery, you must first accept that you have been penalized and start to clean things up a little.

Check your Website Penalty Score

You must first check your inbound links as Google really focuses on this. Links that lead to irrelevant websites and ones that go through multiple links that lead to the same website should be removed because this is ‘black-hat SEO’, otherwise known as unethical search engine optimization. You may need to contact websites to get them to remove or change some of their links that connects to your website.

The second step would be to build your site back up again. You will need to engage in a more natural link campaign. Make sure all of your links actually do follow through on what they promise to do. Add more high-quality content on to your site. Ensure that all of the content is grammatically correct and that it adds value to the reader. Stuffing your text with keywords will only get you further punished by the search engines.

Once you have done these steps and ensured that your website’s internet marketing campaign is ethical, you can request that Google reconsider through an official request. This sometimes takes a bit of time so it is important to be patient.

The process of penalty recovery is a very important time for your website as it is during this process that you will either sink or swim. Being hit with a penalty by Google is a big deal, but it is not the end of the world. You will want to make sure you entirely clean up your website and to do this, it is recommended that you hire an SEO consulting firm like SEOExplode . They can walk you through the process of penalty recovery and take matters into their own hands. They have dealt with many clients in the past who have been through the same process, so they know what to do!