SEOExplode – Affiliates

SEOExplode Partnership Compensation

  • Our affiliate program has been specifically designed for online affiliates and strategic partnership.
  • We offer money pay outs and or free services and free SEO tools and resources.

Our pay out schedule is as follows:

  • 10% commission on every referral lead that converts to a sale.
  • Or use your 10% commission at double the value towards SEO, for example if you earn $300 from commission you can receive $600 of Free SEO services.
  • Or if you are interested in white labeling, reselling our services and you are a business, we pay out 20% commission of the total sale.

We can also provide you with your own phone number for tracking purposes and forwarding email so that all leads from your website can forward to our inbox where both parties can monitor all leads (email or phone) and sales.

After your application is verified we will send you

  1. Our Company Brochure
  2. Our affiliate / partnership agreement
  3. Free SEO Tools and Resources


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