SEO Related Services

Hello and welcome to SEOExplode’s additional offerings services page. On this page you will find the various complimentary SEO services such as various Internet marketing & SEO friendly web design services that can and should ideally be used in order to maximize your website’s online presence. Call today for more information or to receive a Free Quote regarding our various service offerings. From web design, content writing, social media optimization, blog promotion SEOExplode is your one stop shop Search Engine Optimization Company that will meet all of your Internet marketing and search engine optimization requirements.
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SEOExplode Additional Offerings

  • SEO Friendly Web Design
  • Visitor Engagement / Capturing & Retargeting (Engage with live site visitors and follow them with retargeting ad banners to drive back lost traffic to your site)
  • Content Writing (Web Page Content, Article Writing, Press Releases, White Papers and more!)
  • Social Media Optimization (Google Plus, Google Authorship, Facebook, Twitter & More)
  • Reputation Management (Remove any negative listings off of page 1)
  • Blog Promotion (We promote your blog and drive massive amounts of traffic from all social media and content channels)
  • Conversion Optimization (We help your website capture more sales and leads) Higher conversions for your hard earned traffic!)
  • Video Creation (Create any type of video that fits your exact needs!)
  • Video Optimization (Video promotion VIA SEO, PPC, Social Media and video distribution on dozens of popular video outlets)

Web Design

  1. $4,400 for word press site / mobile friendly. Up to 6 pages (Includes 1 year hosting, content, design, 6 company email creation, contact form integration, 4 months Free maintenance)
  2. $250 each additional page.
  3. $450 monthly maintenance which includes the following: server backup, debugging, down time reduction, security.

Visitor Retargeting

  1. $800 for banner creation $1,400 for 2 banners
  2. 30% management fee of monthly budget ($4,000+ required)

Content Writing

  1. $15 for 450 article
  2. $25 for web page content (500 words)
  3. $25 for 600 article
  4. $550 for press release (PR and distribution) $300 for PR + $250
  5. $800 for 4 page white paper

Social Media Optimization

  1. Account creation $1,200 – top 40 (Google+, Google authorship, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Following – top 4 (Google+, Google authorship, Facebook, Twitter)
  3. 25 per month $200, 50 per month $400 100 per month $800 per month

Reputation Management

  1. $8,000 to remove each negative item (50% deposit)

Blog Promotion

  1. RSS Subs $150 100 subs
  2. Blog Dir subs $300 200 subs
  3. Info graphic $600 Creation
  4. Blog Integration $400

Conversion Optimization

  1. $60 per page (adding call to action on each page)
  2. $50 integrate real time traffic tool
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