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Get your website to rank higher on search engines and look great on mobile devices. SEO Explode is a leading mobile SEO services provider. We mobile optimize your site’s pages for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. All the while ensuring your site is accessible by search engine spiders (a form of artificial intelligence).

  • Close more sales and capture more leads with mobile SEO.
  • Attract more prospects from search engine results pages (SERP).
  • Increase mobile sales by ensuring all aspects of your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Ensure every aspect of your site runs smoothly for mobile searchers, which increases the likelihood they’ll buy something.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over the competition with mobile SEO services from a company that knows what they’re doing.
  • 99 percent client retention and satisfaction rate.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engines while ensuring complete compatibility on mobile devices. Mobile SEO can greatly impact your business in a positive way due to the current business landscape.

Statista, an online portal for statistics, predicts that mobile users will reach 4.78 billion by 2020. Also, more than half of search engine traffic is from mobile devices according to Google. That’s over 2.5 billion searches a day that come from mobile devices.

Clearly, mobile SEO is a top priority today considering how people currently use mobile technology to browse the Internet. So now, more than ever, you need expert knowledge that’ll help your company appear significantly higher on mobile searches. Including ensuring potential customers can easily find you online.

SEO Explode makes sure you don’t fall behind the competition by reviewing and optimizing your website for mobile search traffic.


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How SEO Explode Can Helps With Mobile SEO

Organizations that work with us enjoy the following positive results.

  • Increased mobile traffic from search engines.
  • Improved user experience (UX) on mobile, which tends to encourage more purchases.
  • Better overall performance on the SERPs.

Mobile is here to stay and sees an increase in usage numbers each year. You need competent mobile SEO experts by your side to remain relevant in a digital era where the business landscape is quick-moving. We’re your mobile SEO team.

Achieve Better Mobile Conversion Rates With Mobile SEO

There are a plethora of mobile devices in existence. All manner of mobile devices must be able to read and render your website accurately. In addition, some codes that make up your site can’t be properly read by certain mobile operating systems (OS). We address these concerns for you by testing your markup with every possible device. In turn, this improves your website’s ability to increase conversion rates and capture sales.

From The SEO Explode Team

SEO Explode is a top SEO agency based in the United States but serves companies from all over the globe. Mobile optimization is among the SEO services we offer. We’re proud to have a 99 percent client retention and satisfaction rate, including 1000+ successful case studies.

Over the years, we’ve put together a highly skilled, talented team of SEO experts that are eager to demonstrate the power of search marketing. We can’t wait to hear from you and discuss how we can optimize your mobile search presence.

The Beginning of Mobile SEO

By now, you know that not ensuring your website is optimized for mobile searchers can cause ranking drops on the SERPs. Mobile is crucial and the mobile search market continues to grow, as more people become smartphone owners.

We overlook nothing when it comes to optimizing your web pages for mobile. So we start by auditing your website to reveal its true SEO standings. Our audit covers the following areas of mobile SEO.

  • Technical
  • On-page
  • Off-page
  • Search appearance
  • A check for search engine penalties
  • Social media presence

We then proceed with the following.

1. Making Your Website Mobile-friendly

In general, there are three ways to make your website mobile-friendly if it currently isn’t. These are responsive web design (recommended by Google), dynamic serving, and separate URLs.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the business’s needs. We know how to implement all of them and can help you determine which one suits your situation best.

2. Addressing Page Speed

Page speed is officially a ranking factor and the websites that perform well with mobile searches load really fast! Unfortunately, a lot of organizations overlook this aspect of mobile SEO. But, it’s good news for any business that takes page speed seriously.

SEO Explode’s knowledgeable mobile SEO team will ensure your website’s pages load quickly and render perfectly for the best mobile experience possible.

3. Mobile Usability Testing

Mobile usability testing is the process of testing mobile platforms or websites according to their intended end users. That means our team will analyze your current website to make sure its properly configured for mobile with respect to your target audience.

Sometimes, companies have material on their site that isn’t accessible on mobile devices because of technical reasons unbeknownst to them. This is usually caused by improper system support configurations. We always test to address this area as well.

Beyond Mobile Optimization

As part of our process, we also investigate and provide solutions to situations in the following areas.

404 Error Codes

A 404-error code displays whenever a page can’t be loaded even though the website is reachable. In some situations, web pages that would otherwise load fine on desktop may fail on mobile devices and display a 404. Programming errors usually cause this issue. Though it’s more likely to occur in situations where dynamic serving or separate URL mobile setups are used.

The thing is too many 404-error pages can hurt your mobile SEO rankings. This is because each one takes away some of your Domain Authority (DA). This is especially true when backlinks or links from other websites point to 404 pages. That’s why we’ll test the view plus functionality of your mobile web pages on different resolutions, including varying devices.

Voice Optimization

There are more people searching the Internet using voice commands today. Tools like Alexa, Google Voice, and Amazon Echo are increasingly being used to find products and information online. This means each of your page’s content needs to be structured in such a way that these systems can easily pull the information.

While it may seem like a tricky feat to accomplish, we’ve been at mobile SEO awhile. We can help you snag customers who search the Internet via voice search.

Why Choose SEO Explode For Mobile SEO Services?

Think of all those mobile users you’re missing out on if you don’t have a strong mobile search presence.

At SEO Explode, we design our services according to your business situation. So whether you’re running a small business or large enterprise, local or international, we’re your mobile SEO agency.

  • We’re always on the loop for search marketing trends and continuously innovate with regards to accomplishing your objectives.
  • SEO Explode is a full-service SEO company at its core. So no matter the need, whether mobile SEO consulting, mobile website design, user experience optimization or other, you’re in good hands.
  • Our focus is always on delivering the highest of standards in service and results. We’re so confident you’ll enjoy working with us that we offer a 100% risk-free mobile SEO demo.

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