Medical SEO

Medical SEO Services For Skyrocketing Healthcare Practice Success

Experience the best healthcare/medical SEO services for increasing patient acquisition. We’re a leading search engine optimization (SEO) agency that helps medical practices like yours grow.

  • Increase qualified incoming traffic to your site. SEO attracts people that are already looking for a medical clinic like yours.
  • Being at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) places your healthcare practice in front of potential patients.
  • Your website ranking at the top of Google or Bing is a vote of confidence as far as potential patients are concerned. Consumers generally believe you must be trusted if prominent search engines rank your medical practice on the first page.
  • Reduce your total advertising expense since search marketing is less costly than other kinds of marketing methods. SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy in the digital era.
  • SEO rewards your healthcare practice with greater ROI than other kinds of marketing or advertising strategies.

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Medical SEO Services

SEO as a marketing avenue for healthcare practitioners is more significant than ever before in the present world of stiff competition. Your healthcare facility is in competition against several other medical practices offering the same services. Also, they are all battling for the top positions on major search engines like Google.

So your medical practice doesn’t stand a chance of being found online without healthcare SEO. The higher your site’s position on search engines, the more website traffic you’ll receive, which leads to acquiring new patients. A staggering 91.5 percent of search engine traffic goes to the first-page search results (source: Chitika). That means your healthcare practice must rank among them.

Today people require the World Wide Web to locate information, products, and services. The phone book is out, the Internet is in, and consumers prefer it. SEO Explode provides effective SEO for medical practices. Website search optimization is the only way to make sure you win page one positions on Google, Bing, and other search engines.


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Medical SEO Can Make All The Difference in Your Healthcare Practice

The healthcare market is highly competitive, making it crucial that health practitioners use all available ethical tactics to win over patients. The good news is that effectively using SEO to market your medical practice can make all the difference.

Smartphones are more prevalent than ever and practically everyone has one. The first thing consumers do is look for what they need on these devices, especially when seeking medical or healthcare remedies.

All of the aforementioned makes SEO an essential aspect of your marketing plan. You’ll find it a lot easier and more cost-effective to advertise your medical practice using SEO. Your website will do the heavy lifting with regards to drawing in qualified prospects that become paying patients.

We’re Your Solution to Modern Marketing In Healthcare Industry

SEO Explode is a multidisciplinary online marketing agency that specializes in medical SEO among others. Some of our clients include veterinary clinics, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare practices in the industry. Our experience spans over 15 years in digital marketing, allowing us to provide unique insights into key tactics and strategies that work.

You’re one of the busiest people on the planet as a healthcare practitioner. So our aim is to increase growth for your medical practice and eliminate the unavoidable headaches that come with online marketing.  Our medical/healthcare advertising experts know how to get things done, ensuring a stress-free and easy-going process. So you can concentrate on patient care, not marketing.

What about HIPAA?

We have that covered too. The SEO Explode team consists of website HIPAA compliance experts that can help you address any prospect or patient communication issues with your site. We do healthcare SEO to grow your medical practice, not stress you out.

The State of Healthcare Search Engine Marketing

The advancement of mobile technology and widespread use of search engines made SEO the most effective marketing strategy available today. There’s no better medium than SEO when it comes to generating traffic online. SEO gets your medical practice noticed by the right people and at the right time/moment they need help.

  • Search engines are where 93 percent of all online experiences begin as reported by Search Engine Journal.
  • 72 percent of consumers said they looked online for medical information within the past year in a Pew Research Center study. The same organization found that 66 percent of consumers searched the Internet for information about specific medical debacles.
  • 77 percent of potential patients used search engines prior to booking an appointment with a medical practice according to Think With Google.
  • 75 percent of Internet users never go past the first page of search engine results. Medical SEO will get you to page one.

How We Can Help With Medical SEO

SEO Explode can handle whatever you need. From advanced marketing and strategizing to design and development, our team’s got your back. We can assist with the following and much more.

  • PPC (pay-per-click), SEO and local SEO, including click-to-call campaigns.
  • PR (public relations) and backlinks.
  • Google Analytics tracking and management.
  • Google Analytics, Adwords, and other data syncing.
  • Ad creative design, website development, videos, and social media.

Why SEO For Medical Practice From Us?

There are over 200 ranking factors used by all major search engines to evaluate web pages for positioning. We happen to know exactly why some websites appear on page one of search engines like Google and others do not.

  • We know how to achieve amazing results with 1000+ successful case studies to date.
  • Open communication is a top priority for us. You’ll know exactly how your SEO campaign is performing and which stage of the process we’re on.
  • At SEO Explode, we have experience working with companies of all sizes and tailor our approaches according to each business situation.
  • We go beyond general SEO. We’ll secure, speed up, enhance the user experience (UX) of your website on all devices, and more.
  • We know how to create high-quality content that’s optimized to bring in prospects looking for healthcare services.
  • We dive deep into keyword research, ensuring that each targeted term completely matches your ideal patients.
  • Our team handles all the technical stuff like optimized medical schemas, title tags, Meta descriptions, and much more.

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