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Be there whenever people search for your products and/or services on Google, Bing, and other search engines with Long Island SEO service offerings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important factor in modern business success. SEOExplode provides Long Island SEO to keep your business at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

#1 Long Island SEO Firm
  • Win more customers by creating a strong local web presence that helps you dominate search terms relevant to your offerings with our Long Island SEO company.
  • Our SEO Firm will help you gain higher ranking positions on search engines to reach more local customers, increase brand exposure, and conversion rates.
  • Double, triple, or even quadruple your website traffic for more sale opportunities when you work with the top SEO company in Long Island New York.
  • Receive more calls from highly qualified local consumers that want your products/services in Long Island, NY.
  • Increase qualified foot traffic to your store for a chance to acquire more customers.
  • Our SEO Agency has over 15 years experience with 99 percent client retention and satisfaction rate.

Long Island SEO Is Replacing Traditional Ads

Do you own a business in Long Island, NY? Are you often stumped as to how to best promote your products and/or services? If so, you’re like thousands of other businesses we help in Long Island. Many companies come to us because they’re having very little success with traditional ads (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.). So what you probably need is premium Long Island Search engine optimization if that’s your situation too.

Consider the following.

  • Traditional marketing methods only have a 1.7 percent conversion rate, while SEO is 14.6 percent according to Searchitlocal.
  • A Digital Strategy Consulting study revealed that 61 percent of companies regard SEO as their biggest priority moving forward.
  • About half of all search engine searches are for local information and according to Google, more than 50 percent originate from mobile.
  • Google processes more than 5.5 billion searches per day!


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Understanding SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing web pages so they appear in favorable positions on the SERPs. Specifically, the goal of SEO is to raise your overall ranking positions in order to increase qualified incoming website traffic. In other words, SEO is how you design a system that gets your website’s pages on the first page of search engine results.

Why Your Business Requires Long Island SEO

Back in the day, when you needed something, whether a product or service, you looked through a phone book. You may also scan the newspaper, listen for radio ads or watch TV spots. However, those days are long gone.

Today people seek out a computer or whip out their smartphone to conduct searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Sometimes they may ask voice assistants like Siri or Google Voice for information.

Clearly, consumer behavior has been altered by technological advancements in a drastic but inevitable way. Now search engines are the new phone books and without a doubt, SEO is something every business needs. This is why Long Island SEO service is an absolute necessity if you own a business.

At SEO Explode, we optimize your website so whenever people use “keywords” relevant to your products, you’ll be there. From Long Island web design and local SEO, we put you directly in front of your intended audience. And exactly when they need your product.

A Masterful SEO Agency in Long Island, NY

SEO involves and demands the use of several tactics that fit the given business model to achieve objectives. Our mission is to rank you in Long Island for your products using advanced local SEO strategies. We may use some of the following tactics and more.

  • Strategically optimize your website pages for keyword relevance.
  • Optimize anything you share on-site and outside your website (e.g. social media).
  • Claim and optimize any existing business listings on the web, including creating additional ones.
  • Maintain consistency of name, address, and phone numbers with regard to your business across the entire web.
  • Seek out related businesses or industries to form partnerships such as guest posting for exposure and backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site.
  • Improve the speed of your website, design, web page copies, and more.

Naturally, it takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and technical skills to achieve the best outcomes in SEO. All of which the SEO Explode team possess.

How We Get You to Page One in Major Search Engines

By now, you know how important link building or a backlink service is to your online presence and subsequently business growth. Link building is a combination of several activities that require the right set of skills and expertise to execute effectively. Any company that desires increased search engine rankings must build a strong link profile and here’s how we’ll get you there.

1. Link Building Readiness Audit

Every website must be ready for link building prior to implementing tactics. While some of our client’s come to us ready to go, most aren’t ready to run a link building campaign.
So firstly, we look at the user experience and technical aspects of your website to make sure everything’s in order. The readiness link building audit increases the likelihood that more people will link back to your site. So we only proceed once we’ve performed a thorough backlink readiness audit.

2. Find High-Quality Linking Candidates

We put together a list of link building strategies that’ll work for your brand. Then we scour the World Wide Web to identify and store a bunch of backlink candidates while taking notes. Then our team creates a plan for acquiring those links, which may involve reaching out to link prospects directly.

3. Link Flywheel Using Content Marketing

SEO Explode develops a “link flywheel” (the marketing kind) strategy with content marketing as a focus. We know that simply publishing content and without direction won’t help the natural flow of link earning. So we develop a content marketing plan as well.
A link flywheel ensures that your website will continuously attract backlinks, whether or not, you’re actively building links. This ensures that whatever we accomplish together becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Trust us, we know the kinds of content that attract the most links.

4. Outreach

Outreach via email and other methods are a huge part of building backlinks. The key is making sure your messages get to the right people (e.g. journalists, bloggers, etc.) and not their spam folder. Our outreach team knows how to craft enticing messages that get read.
SEO Explode’s aim is always to pitch your brand in the highest light. We develop a robust outreach strategy and reach out to likely linkers that are relevant to your industry.

5. Repeat From Locating High Quality Link Building Candidates

New websites are launched and sites go down on a daily basis. Hence, links are also lost and won every day. This is why we repeat the process, starting with identifying more linking candidates.


A Simple Example of What Long Island SEO Marketing Can Do For You

Let’s assume you have a dry-cleaning business that focuses mostly on corporate accounts and traditional garments. You recently decided to improve your chances for success by adding eco-friendly options to your array of services. Including some leather cleaning services.

Going at this with traditional ads can be extremely expensive. So you’ll most likely have to promote each of those lines individually. You would have to identify the most important one (typically the greatest revenue potential) and start with that.

SEO on the other hand, lets you tackle both services together. This is because you can simply optimize individual pages for each one. Then use all the authority or work you’ve already done on your site to boost those web pages with little/no added expense.

Now every time someone searches for terms like “leather cleaning services in Long Island” or “garment cleaning service”, you’ll appear on page one.

The Journey to Higher Local SEO Rankings in Long Island, NY

By now, you have an idea of how many potential clients may be locally seeking your products or services online. And Long Island SEO services is how you make sure customers can find you. We use our proven process to help you attain your goals.

1. Auditing The Website

Is your website poorly designed? Does it have pages with duplicate content or underperforming copy? Is it up to date or outdated? Does it have a blog? All of these questions and more are answered during our Long Island, NY SEO audit. An SEO audit helps us make the most of every opportunity, including keyword or terms usage, UX (user experience) improvements, and much more.

2. Identify Keywords

This involves doing a lot of research to determine the best keyword targets for your business objectives. We look at what your competitors are using and consider the trends in your industry. Keyword research is how our team uncovers the most suitable terms to use when optimizing your marketing content.

3. Content Marketing Plan

SEO and marketing in general drives traffic to your business through the use of content. Whether it’s a quick social media blast, an interesting article, a bunch of educational videos, content is a critical aspect of marketing. SEO Explode will develop a content marketing plan that helps you rise to the top of search engine results and win more customers.

4. Check For Website Issues

We evaluate your website for hidden issues, which are often technical in nature. From slow load times, pages that fail to load or send out the dreaded “404” message, non-functional metadata, etc. we address them all. Our team of Long Island SEO service experts will make sure search engines fall in love with your site.

5. Citations

Citation building is the process of creating listings on local business directories (e.g. Yelp, 411, etc.). The most important thing about citations is information consistency. That means your company’s name, address, and phone numbers have to be accurate, including consistent across the web.

6. Link Building

Websites that do well SEO-wise have great backlinks and link building is how you acquire them. As previously mentioned, this is basically another site pointing back to yours via a link.
Ideally, you want every website that links to yours to be related in some way (e.g. by industry, sub-field, etc.). Link building isn’t an easy task and is the hardest aspect of SEO but we’ve got your back! A Long Island SEO services team like SEO Explode can help you naturally attract and earn backlinks that positively impact your rankings.

7. Repeat From Keyword Research

On a daily basis, consumers find information and products online using never before seen keywords. Plus search engines adjust their algorithms (a form of AI) or search results every single day. So it’s necessary that we stay ahead of the curve. This is why we continuously monitor for changes and repeat our process, starting from keyword research.

A Long Island, NY SEO Company That Knows What It Takes

SEOExplode is the leading provider of SEO in Long Island, NY. We’ve helped several clients in the region achieve top page one rankings to increase their ROI within months.

We’re proud of our diverse team of search marketing experts with each person having multiple disciplines in their repertoire. You’ll find designers (graphic, web design, etc.), pay-per-click (PPC) professionals, content and marketing strategists at SEO Explode.

Why Use SEO Explode For Your Long Island SEO Needs?

  • Innovation is part of our company culture. We’re always innovating to find new ways to improve your results.
  • We use data to improve your rankings on the SERPs. Our technology knows exactly how you’re performing locally in real-time. We can track all your ranking positions based on keywords across several search engines like Google, Bing, and others. All of this helps us adjust or tweak things that improve your SEO rankings.
  • Effectively manage your reputation online with SEO Explode. We’ll design a plan for collecting positive reviews from past customers that enhance the way prospects and search engines view your company. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Get in touch with us today to get started with a free SEO demo, no obligations.