Have you ever used explainer videos for online marketing? Not just big brands, but even small and home-based businesses are using them as an effective way to communicate with their target audiences. Visual content is witnessing explosive growth, and explainer videos are being created in large number because they have been proved to be ‘communication goldmine’. If you’re looking for a marketing tool that will give your products a good positioning while increasing the rate of conversion, explainer videos are there to do just that, and a lot more!

Let us tell you what an explainer video is, why you need them and what the cost of their production is. Also, gather some practical tips for creating them in a way that makes a strong impact on the target audience.

What’s an explainer video?
As the name suggests, an explainer video is a short online video that you can use to explain and market a business, a product or a service. It can quickly tell an audience how to use a product or service to solve a specific problem. Explainer videos are witnessing a boom because people, by their very human nature, are more attracted to visual content than the written word.

For example, you could create an explainer video to explain how to use a particular mobile application or how to use an online platform which makes hiring simple and easy to manage for companies.

Here’s a good example from Gigtown.

[Gigtown is a mobile application which allows people to find, support and book artists or musicians around town.]

Well, that’s just one example. There are tons of explainer videos that you can find out there. Whether it’s a software program, an online tool, a project management system or simply a junk clean-up service for houses, explainer videos allow people to get the hang of it within a few seconds.

Explainer Videos

Why You Need Explainer Videos
There are too many benefits of creating and using explainer videos in a business. An explainer video doesn’t only clarify how a product or service can be used, but it also boosts your business in a number of ways.

Here are key benefits of using explainer videos –

Increase Conversions: Since explainer videos help companies or businesses convey their value proposition in a quick and visually attractive way, they happen to be great conversion drivers. According to a survey, 85% of prospects are more likely to buy a product which comes along with an explainer video. Explainer videos are great at attracting and keeping attention of the target audience or prospects, provided they are designed and scripted appropriately.

Pique Interest: Since explainer videos are visually appealing, they pique an audience’s interest. Regardless of how boring an industry you operate in, you can always look at your business (or product or service) from a unique angle and create explainer videos to quickly attract attention and engage prospects, on a global level. There are many success stories of marketing or spreading the word about a new startup or business or product through explainer videos.

Improve Search Engine Rankings: In multiple search marketing surveys, it’s been revealed that websites with videos rank higher in SERPs. Websites that use videos on their homepage or landing pages have increased time on site, which is an important factor for ranking higher in search engines. Those who create and use videos to promote their business also get a number of indirect SEO benefits by way of attracing inbound links and gathering social signals.

Get More Traffic: One of the biggest benefits of using explainer video content is that they can drive a lot of traffic to a website. Provided you create high quality, entertaining and value-added explainer videos, you’ll be in a good position to attract tons of traffic as you start promoting those videos. Find out what qualities make a video go viral, follow the best practices and you too can generate a large viewing for your videos while giving your website a heavy traffic boost.

Showcase the Human Side: Your prospects are humans, and they’re looking to connect with humans too. Before they decide to step into a brand-consumer relationship, they want to know who stands behind the brand. They look for a human face, a personality. Many times, businesses get themselves in a rut and become so desperate to only make money that they forget about the potential of showing customers their human side. It hurts businesses a lot in the long term. Thankfully, explainer videos provide you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your human side to prospects and customers while earning their trust for long-term business growth.

It’s a proven fact that explainer videos, when done right, can quickly propel your business to the next level. Companies like Dropbox and Common Craft achieved astounding success with explainer videos.

Cost of Creating an Explainer Video
When it comes to creating explainer videos, one question that people often ask is – What’s the cost of producing an explainer video? The cost varies from one explainer video to another, depending on the quality of content (customization and details) and the length of the video. For example, an animated explainer video which is 60 seconds in length might cost you anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000. The price that you pay once could keep on bringing you a good return for years. Explainer videos are real, long-term business-boosters!

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that video producers or video creation companies put a lot of effort in pulling together a great explainer video for a business. The long process of creating an explainer video includes multiple steps – research, scripting, styling, illustration, storyboarding, voiceover, animation and sound effects among others.

Tips for Creating Great Explainer Videos
Now that you’re fully aware of what an explainer video does and why you should never ignore them, it’s time to equip yourself with a couple of insider tips or guidelines so that you’re on the right track while creating them.

Storytelling: Scripts carry the utmost importance. The explainer videos that go viral have a specific type of script. They tell a story that resonates with the target audience. Therefore, make sure you have a good story to tell before you start pulling together the explainer video. If you choose to work with a video production agency, don’t forget to brief them on what you exactly need.

Length: The length of an explainer video can be up to 2 minutes (or a little more) depending on what marketing goals you want to achieve. However, it’s good practice to keep the video length as short and compact as possible, preferably between 30-90 seconds. Another important tip is to say less in more time so that people can easily remember what you tell them rather than increasing the reading speed in a bid to say more. 150 words per minute is a good rule to follow.

Simplicity: How do you keep an explainer video simple? You can keep it simple only when you understand the essential elements that make up a great explainer video. Well, there are four things to focus on – a) talk about a problem b) offer a solution c) explain how people can do it or how they can start and d) include a call to action. If you concentrate on these four elements, you’ll keep the fluff out.

Professionalism: While creating an explainer video, both the audio and the visual should be of a superior quality. There are too many freelance artists available out there. You can hire a professional for a high quality voiceover. Whether it’s the polish of the voice or the way it’s delivered, both play an important role. Likewise, pay attention to the quality of the visuals as well. However, don’t delve into the visuals to a depth which would distract people from the core message.

Humor: Whether your target audience is single parents, physicians, college students, working people, travelers or couples, you should never forget one thing – everyone loves entertainment. Keeping things fun and light-hearted will add plenty of appeal to your explainer videos.

[If all of this sounds too much or you plan to work with a professional video production agency, get in touch with us right away. We’ll create a killer explainer video for your company or business at an affordable price.]