Let me remind you once again – ‘You’re now living in the era of pure white-hat link building’. As far as Google is concerned, you should be aware that SEO has become more dynamic than ever. The search engine giant will send lots of free traffic to your site only if you follow their webmaster guidelines. While building links for your website or blog, you may be using various link building techniques already. But you need to build them naturally. One of the most effective techniques to build high quality one-way links is egobaiting.

But do you know what egobait really means?

Ego Bait

Simply put, egobait is a highly effective technique which savvy or experienced webmasters use to earn top qualitylinks for a website or blog. The trick is to write content about people who are influential in a specific niche, thereby stroking their ego and earning links as a result.

If you’ve been struggling really hard to acquire links that will easily put your website ahead in the game of SEO, you should try egobaiting. Rather than creating generalized content, you need to write in a way that targets specific people or businesses that belong to your niche. What’s even more important is to let those people know about the content you’ve created so that you can get them to link back to that content or promote it. If you do it appropriately, you’ll see good results over a short period of time.

Let me give you an example. If you have a restaurant blog, you may decide to write blog posts about the 10 best food bloggers or 10 most inspiring women food bloggers in a state, country or in the world. You could also publish interviews done with them individually on your blog. Not only blog posts, but you can also create this type of content in the form of an infographic, a video or a PowerPoint presentation and then publish it on your site. As soon as you let those bloggers know about this content, they should most probably be inspired to link back to your content. You can use this trick simply in any niche. However, the results may vary from one niche to another. Provided you do in-depth research and planning, egobait will prove to be fruitful in almost any niche or vertical.

There are several examples of successful egobait as well. But one of the best examples that one could always learn from is – Advertising Age’s Power 150 List. A lot of webmasters and bloggers try this trick in their own creative way. If you’re really willing to improve the SEO of your website, you should also start doing your research and plan out things quickly. Of course, it will take time and effort but the results will easily surprise you.

While trying the egobait link building technique, you should also keep a few things at the top of your mind. First and foremost, you should choose the influencers carefully, as going after A-list celebrities will not work. Second, the egobait content should be true and informative. It shouldn’t only attract the attention of the targeted influencers or industry experts, but it should also provide something of real value to the readers. Most importantly, you should create this content in a way that doesn’t make your motive obvious.

Have you tried this link building technique already? Please feel free to let me know about your thoughts and opinions.