Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing take several factors into consideration while ranking a website in SERPs. You may have been running a link building campaign already to improve the SEO of your website. But have you ever given domain authority any thought? Most importantly, do you have any idea about domain authority and how you can increase it?

If you don’t, you should expand your knowledge-base on this subject so that you can increase the domain authority of your website and take your SEO to the next level, thereby beating out the competition.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is the evaluation of the influence or power of a domain name. It’s a key criterion that search engines use to find out whether your website is really trustworthy and credible. Websites that have high domain authority enjoy the benefit of being ranked at the top of search results.

There are three factors that decide the domain authority –

  • Age of the website
  • Popularity of the website
  • Size of the website

The time period for which a particular website has been into existence matters a lot when it comes to calculating the domain authority. The age of a domain, therefore, carries utmost importance. The overall popularity of a website is also one of the key factors for determining domain authority. Size is important because it tells search engines the extent of information that a particular website features or contains. Based on all these three factors, search engines calculate the domain authority of a website and then use it as one of the most important criteria for ranking in search results.

As search engines continue to become smarter, they are trying to rank at the top only those websites that have high quality. For example, Google always strives to provide users with trusted sources in search results. The number of websites and blogs are increasing every day. But not all of these web properties can be trusted or adhered to. That’s exactly where the role of domain authority of a website comes into play. Does your website have a high domain authority?

Tips to Increase Domain Authority

If you want your website to dominate the search results, you should focus on increasing its domain authority more and more. No matter how well you design your website or how much content you feature on it, it won’t bring you any benefits until you increase its domain authority.

Again, you have to take a closer look at the three factors mentioned above. The age of a website is not in your hands. If it’s a brand new website, it will take some time to build domain authority on account of age. But you need to get started with the other two factors – popularity and size.

The popularity of a website is actually the number of links that point back to your domain. However, it’s not actually the quantity of inbound links that matter in the post-Penguin era of Google. You’ll increase the popularity (read domain authority) of a website only when you acquire top quality backlinks from sources that are trustworthy and credible already.

If you are working with a SEO company or SEO professional, you should keep yourself well-informed of the kind of links they are building for your website. The best links are those that have quality and authority. At the same time, the links pointing back to your domain should also look natural.

In terms of size, you’ll need to add as many pages to your website as possible. However, it’s the quality of content that you put out there that matters at the end of the day. A large website with thousands of web pages that contain low quality, little or no content at all will never increase its domain authority.