What’s the Alexa traffic rank of your website or blog? I’m sure you have heard about this web information company before. In case you haven’t, Alexa Internet (a subsidiary of Amazon.com) is a much popular web information company that provides useful insights into a website’s traffic trends. When it comes to measuring the popularity of a website, as compared to all other websites across the web, Alexa statistics prove to highly useful.

Alexa Rank

Though there are several other analytics tools that you’ll find online, Alexa.com has its own unique identity.

Founded way back in the year 1996, Alexa Internet began as an independent company. But only three years later, this web information company was acquired by Amazon.com. Today, Alexa.com is visited every month by as many as 10 million people from different places of the world.

Website Stats Provided by Alexa.com

Whether it’s a web property owner, a webmaster or an SEO practitioner, each of them keeps a close watch on the Alexa rankings of their websites. On an everyday basis, Alexa.com gathers traffic data from all those users that have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. In addition to this, Alexa also uses many other sources to provide us with detailed analytical data of a website.

Key stats that Alexa provides include –

  • Popularity (global rank, local rank)
  • Visitor Engagement (bounce rate, page-views, time on site)
  • Audience Demographics (location, gender, education)
  • Traffic Sources (search engines, referring sites)
  • Links or Backlinks

If you want to analyze the status of your website, relative to other sites on the web, the Alexa stats will give you a good start. By taking a closer look at the traffic stats and trends provided by Alexa, you’ll be able to gain a valuable insight into where your website stands in the midst of all the competition. 

Benefits of Alexa Rankings

Apart from providing you with valuable data about your website’s ranking status, Alexa.com also allows you to find out where your website stands as compared to your key competitors. Therefore, it works as a good tool for conducting some essential competitive research. When getting in touch with other webmasters or advertisers, the Alexa rankings of your website play an important role. A website with top rankings on Alexa.com can easily convince advertisers to pay a higher price for buying ad space.

Another key benefit of Alexa statistics is that it helps you improve the SEO of your website. With the Alexa ranking stats at hand, you can make well-informed decisions about the search optimization of your website. Even the most experienced and seasoned SEO professionals use the Alexa data for optimizing a website for search engines.

Alexa Adavanced Plan

Though the basic Alexa stats are available to webmasters for free, the company also offers an ‘advanced plan’ for maximum benefits. After upgrading to this plan (which is paid), you’ll gain access to more detailed web stats including actionable SEO insights, two site audits every month, certified site metrics, competitive site intelligence, uptime monitor and SEM keyword data. 

How to Improve the Alexa Rankings of Your Website

Top Alexa rankings speak volumes about the reputation of your website or blog. That’s why almost every web property owner, that’s listed on Alexa.com for professional reasons, intends to improve the traffic rankings of their websites. There are several things you can do to increase your website’s ranking on Alexa.com. Here are some useful tips.

  • Claim your site on Alexa.com
  • Edit your company’s listing on Alexa.com
  • Download and install the Alexa toolbar
  • Place the Alexa widget on your site

While you download and install the Alexa toolbar, you should also tell your co-workers, colleague and friends to have this toolbar in their browsers and then visit your website or blog. At the same time, you should start to promote your site on social networking sites and web forums. Most of the people on social platforms and forums have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. The more people with Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers visit your website, the better rankings you’ll be able to achieve on Alexa.

In any case, don’t forget to pay close attention to improving the quality of your website. Whether it’s the content or the design, people will continue to visit your website and spend time on it only when they see quality.