SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is a great tool for businesses large and small because it offers SEOTipssuch variety and flexibility.  Some SEO techniques used by SEO company include article writing for your website, for an article directory, profiles on social networks, videos, as well as article spinning, all of which can be linked back to your company website. This is when content you’ve already produced on your site is similarly written with additional keywords contained in the pieces. It effectively promotes your site to the top of search engine rankings when more keywords are used relating to your niche market.

The downside to using article spinning is not just the recent changes made by Google to stop it, but the fact that with slight nuances or meanings changing between words and articles, your spun articles will not read as well as articles constructed by a human being. The words replaced can result in gibberish, sentences which do not quite make sense and sound like they were written in India. What began as a perfectly good article can quickly become meaningless. When readers see this level of writing on your site it can turn them off of your articles and reflect poorly on your business. This will reduce your overall traffic as well as your SEO, reducing your rank quickly. While article spinning was once a viable option for increasing SEO, it is not a punishable offense which produces nonsensical jargon. If the content you are writing is for another site, such as an article directory, then you can utilize backlinks. The best way to utilize backlinks in this manner is to place the link to a keyword throughout the text, rather than placing the link at the end of the content. This goes hand in hand with the third and final step.

With Youtube, you can benefit through SEO postings. It is important that you understand that personalized videos or comments can draw more attention and comments in the comment sections which can then aid your SEO ranks continually, placing you higher. You can start to raise your SEO rank by having people become a fan of your youtube account. Once they are friends on their Facebook account then you can send them weekly or bi-weekly posts on their Facebook wall linking them directly to your new video and encouraging them to watch the videos all the way through, post comments in the comment section.