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Clean Up Bad Backlinks

How to Clean Up Your Link Profiles

Bad or low quality links can easily hurt the search engine rankings of a website. If you’re an SEO professional or an internet marketer, you definitely understand why it’s crucial to keep a close watch on the link profile of a website. Articles about link removal or link profile clean...
Penguin 4.0

Penguin 4.0

From simply being devalued to becoming ‘toxic’, bad links have come a long way. If you’re hearing the term ‘Penguin’ (in Google search algorithmic context) for the first time, this algorithm is an update that was first rolled out in April 2012. What the Penguin algorithm does is that it...
SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors for 2016

What’s your strategy for higher search engine rankings in 2016? Google uses as many as 200 factors to rank websites and web pages. And it doesn’t explicitly tells much about how different ranking positions are assessed. There are new algorithm updates at the interval of every 2-3 months. While newbies...
Rank On Google

How to Rank on Google

Lots of free traffic from Google is something that every internet-based business aims for. But whether you’ll attract lots of organic search traffic or none at all depends on the ranking status of your website. The biggest challenge, in this regard, is that SEO keeps changing. And you need to...
Explainer Videos

Why Your Business Should Use Explainer Videos

Have you ever used explainer videos for online marketing? Not just big brands, but even small and home-based businesses are using them as an effective way to communicate with their target audiences. Visual content is witnessing explosive growth, and explainer videos are being created in large number because they have...
Video Marketing

How to Use Videos to Improve Your Website’s SEO

The next big thing that will revolutionize the online marketplace is video. Among all other mediums of communication on the web, videos have the power to quickly influence and engage potential customers. While customers certainly like to go through articles, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations and infographics, videos stick into their...