You might have heard about Google PageRank. If you haven’t, PageRank (abbreviated as PR) is a key metric which informs webmasters about the value of a web page in the eyes of Google. Though this SEO metric doesn’t carry as much weightage as it once contained, it’s still very much valid. A website with a higher PR also enjoys higher search rankings.

There are various algorithms that Google uses to determine the PageRank of a website or its web pages. The PR of a website or a web page is calculated based on the number of backlinks. However, it’s not just about the quantity of links. Post-Penguin, link building is focused on quality rather than quantity. Increasing the PageRank of your website, therefore, isn’t as easy as you may think. You’ll need to take a strategic approach to achieve the same.

Given below are some of the most important tactics that you can use to increase the PageRank of your website quickly.

Stellar Content

First of all, you need to create top quality content on your website or blog on a consistent basis. In fact, stellar content is the backbone of the modern-day SEO. Without having top quality content on your website, you’ll never be able to attract links from top quality websites.

If you think your website or blog lacks high quality content, you should immediately hire experienced content writers and develop an effective content marketing plan.

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

This is one of the most effective techniques to build links and increase the Google PR of a website. There are plenty of bloggers who have grown their site’s PageRank solely through guest posting. While getting started with this technique, you should avoid any kind of spam.

Increase Pagerank

Most of the web property owners or webmasters continue to spam the web in the name of guest posting. Even when you write and publish guest posts, quality content should be your prime focus.

Organic Search

Content optimization for better search rankings is also an important factor to consider while trying to improve the Google PR. If you have Google Analytics already installed on your website, you should check out the percentage of keyword or organic search visits. The higher is the percentage of search traffic, the better will the number of visitors. More visitors arriving on your website via organic search also translate to increased PR.

Web Forums

While trying to build links in an effective way, joining web forums like the Webmaster World and the Digital Point is always advisable. Always join those forums that are relevant and regularly updated. Most importantly, don’t forget to abide by the rules and guidelines of the web forums you join. Any violation of the guidelines will get your banned quickly.

More Pages

While focusing on the quality of the content, you should also try to increase the number of pages on your website. A higher number of web pages also mean a solid internal architecture, which further results in the improvement of the Google PageRank. If your website has only a couple of pages, you should start adding more content pages to build robust information architecture.

Though all the above-mentioned tactics work quite well for generating a good number of high quality links and increase PageRank quickly, you should never indulge in any kind of spammy or black-hat techniques. Google’s search algorithms have evolved to the point where they can easily detect any kind of suspicious activities to manipulate PR.

So, always use legitimate techniques.