Putting together a fancy e-commerce website with a list of all your products offered at a competitive price is only the fundamental step. What’s next and the most important step is to make sure people can easily locate your website when they’re conducting a keyword search. In fact, your e-commerce website or online store should be optimized for major search engines in a way that it shows on the first page of SERPs when searched online. That’s exactly where most of the online store owners fail to make a hit.

If you plan to sell more, you really need to pay serious attention to boosting the SEO of your website, while adhering to the webmaster quality guidelines in an appropriate manner.

Here are some of the most important tips to follow –

Fix Your Product Descriptions
This is where you have to begin. Each product that you showcase in your online store should have a good description. Sadly enough, most of the e-commerce websites either lack product descriptions altogether or even when they have it, the descriptions are duplicate, copied from the manufacturer’s website. It’s a surefire way not just to ruin your search rankings but also get penalized for having duplicate content on your website.

Boost E-commerce Website

Therefore, ensure your product descriptions are –

  • Original and well-researched
  • Written persuasively
  • Benefit-focused, and not feature-focused
  • Keyword-optimized
  • Easy to understand

Unless your product descriptions are in order, you’re not yet ready to either rank at the top of search engines or sell more.

Get More Reviews for Your Products
One of the commonest reasons for not making a lot of product sales is the scarcity of customer reviews. Buyers, when searching online, first look for reviews about a product they’re planning to buy. It is, therefore, crucial that you encourage your customers more and more to leave reviews for your products on your e-commerce website or other relevant forums. What’s more interesting about review pages is that they carry more search potential than the selling pages. One additional benefit of having lots of reviews is that they add freshness to your product pages, thus boosting the search rankings.

Don’t Forget to Have Optimized Images
Having lots of product images on your website actually provides you with an excellent opportunity to optimize your website some more for better rankings in search engines. Ad ALT tags to each of the images as well as add keyword-optimized captions. If possible, you should create original images of your products so that you can quickly set your e-commerce store apart from the competition. Make sure every product image that you feature on your website is of the highest quality and compelling.

Get Rid of Broken Links
Major search engines like Google hate to see lots of broken links on a website. To keep your e-commerce website’s SEO on the right track, you’ll always need to keep a tab on the broken links status. Even though Google may send you messages (via Webmaster tools) about broken links on your website from time to time, it’s advisable to have a routine check in place for the same. Broken links are bad both from the search engine and people’s point of view. When someone searching for a particular product reaches a broken link or a ‘Page 404 Not Found’ error, they get instantly frustrated, which in turn hurts the sales.

Search engines claim a high percentage of all online traffic. If you really plan to boost the keyword presence of your e-commerce website, you should sit with your in-house team of SEO professionals right away and work out a strategy with the help of the guidelines or tips mentioned above. In case you don’t have an in-house team, you should not make any more delay in reaching out to an experienced SEO services provider and get the strategy planned.