Do you know how to build links in the post-Penguin era of Google? The tactics of link building are fast changing. Old techniques like mass-submitting to online directories or link swapping are already out of the game. As a modern-day SEO practitioner, you need to be more practical. You need to use innovative link building techniques. Most importantly, you need to build backlinks in a way that looks natural to major search engines like Google.

A lot of websites that used manipulated links to blast their way to the top of Google SERPs have been penalized. Google’s Penguin algorithm is keeping a constant watch on the way you acquire links.

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Now, the biggest challenge that webmasters and SEOs face is creating a natural linking or backlinks profile.

Do you know how to do it?

First and foremost, you need to say goodbye to manipulated or spammy or black-hat link building techniques. With this change in the mindset, you should follow only those techniques that conform to the Google webmaster guidelines. If you don’t, a search penalty might just be heading your way. Whether you are working with an in-house SEO team or outsource your SEO requirements, a natural link profile is what you should focus on.

Here are some important guidelines to follow –

Pay Attention to Relevance

While creating a natural backlinks profile, the first thing to keep at the top of your mind is to acquire links from only those sources that relate to your own industry or niche. If you have a travel website, acquiring links from healthcare website or fashion website has no meaning.

Building unrelated or irrelevant links is something you should avoid as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you are sure to get into trouble.

Target Authority Sources

No matter what niche your website belongs to, it’s important to get links from those relevant sources that have authority, both in terms of search engine score as well as people that use it. Since it’s easy to acquire backlinks from low quality sources, it’s also easily manipulated. However, links coming from authoritative websites are tougher and therefore carry more value.

Create a Good Mix

There are many different types of links. You may get Wiki links, government websites links, top quality directory links, blog comment links, forum links, nofollow links, do-follow links etc. In order to build a linking profile that looks natural to search engines, you should always create a good mix of different types of links. If a higher percentage of links you have acquired belongs to just one type, you’ll be at risk.

Be Slow but Steady

Many webmasters or web property owners would want to create tons of backlinks overnight to immediately jump to the top of search results. Brace yourself! If you build links too fast, you can easily get search engines suspicious. In order to make this process natural, you should be slow but steady.

Remember – ‘Slow but steady wins the race’.

Build Links to Internal Pages Too

While building links, don’t just focus on the homepage of your website. The internal pages of your website are equally important. You should try to link to as many internal pages of your website as possible. When backlinks are equally distributed across a website, they look natural.