Post-penguin, link building has become the biggest challenge for webmasters and web property owners. Links are still very much the trump card in SEO, but the rules have changed, and will continue to evolve in the near future as well. As Google continues to refine its algorithm for ranking quality websites in its search results, tweaks in your SEO strategy should also continue.

3 Easy Link Building Tactics

If you want to keep the SEO of your website on track, you should understand the essence of link building in the post-Penguin era and beyond. As a webmaster, you need to get smarter with your link building tactics and make it as meaningful as possible. But how will you proceed?

Given below are some of the most important link building tips that should abide by in 2013 and in the near future.

Build Links Based on Relevance
Relevance is the recent buzzword, as far as link building in the post-Penguin era of Google is concerned. Earlier you could easily benefit from getting backlinks from even those sites that had little or no relation to your niche. Now, getting links from niche-relevant sites is most essential.

Today, you can never expect to get any SEO benefit by getting link to your career website from a healthcare website.

In fact, getting links to your website or blog from a website that’s not relevant to your niche might easily get you into trouble as well. And remember relevance is something from where the post-Penguin link building era only begins. There’s a lot more that you’ll need to follow and watch out for.

Earn Links, Don’t Get Them
As far as the Google webmaster guidelines are concerned, the best links are those that come unsolicited or unasked. Google values unasked (read natural) links the most because you earn them.

People link to your website or the webpages on your website based on the quality of content you feature. You don’t ask them to link. They are simply compelled to link back to your site. That’s the kind of backlinks you should strive far. And you can achieve it by creating top quality content on your website on a consistent basis, week after week, month after month.

Focus on Quality, Rather Than Quantity
Today’s link building is all about quality. Ten top quality links are always better than 100 low quality links. This is also an excellent opportunity to beat out those competitor websites that have a huge number of backlinks, that are not so good in terms of quality or authority.

If you are able to build even a smaller number of links coming from websites that have solid SE authority, you can easily get ahead of the competitors who have a low quality backlinks profile with hundreds or thousands of links. Though earning links from high quality sites is a little harder, the effort can really be worth the result that you finally get.

Stop Anchor Text Abuse
When SEO was a fairly new term, one could easily rank a website at the top of search engine results by getting lots of money keyword links. If you wanted to rank for the term ‘best seo company’, you could achieve it by getting plenty of links with the same anchor text.

Now, the golden age of anchor text is over.

You can’t manipulate anchor text anymore. Abusing anchor text can also ruin the rankings of your website as you get penalized by Google. Therefore, it’s about time you quit getting obsessed over anchor text. Instead you need to make things look natural in order to build a Penguin-friendly backlinks profile.