The digital marketing industry is a huge one. There are countless companies offering a range of digital marketing services – SEO, PPC, social media marketing and content marketing. But do you know which of these services has the most demand? Alexandra Tachalova recently conducted a survey which revealed that SEO is still the most desirable service in the digital marketing industry.

It’s only that SEO has become tougher and more complicated. If you plan to achieve success with SEO, you must approach it strategically. Thankfully, there are tons of reputable SEO agencies that provide actionable plans to improve the SEO of your website, attract more traffic and get more leads.

SEO is affordable and highly effective.

It’s due to its effectiveness that SEO has been adopted widely as an online marketing strategy across a range of businesses and niches. SEO offers businesses an array of benefits.

Key benefits of SEO include:

> Increased Traffic
> Great ROI
> Increased Site Usability
> Brand Awareness

Though massive changes have happened to the digital marketing industry over the last couple of years, SEO still remains one of the most affordable and effective forms of online marketing for businesses to leverage.

Most Affordable SEO

But why is SEO the most desirable digital marketing service? The answer is simple – great ROI. Whether you run an online store or a non-ecommerce website, SEO is equally beneficial to everyone. Traffic generated through SEO is of the highest quality: it generates higher conversions. Once you become aware of what keywords your prospects are searching for, you’ll discover what they are most likely to buy. That’s the power of SEO. Equipped with a well-structured SEO strategy, you can boost your business quickly and generate more revenues.

The best part about SEO is that its results are easily trackable, unlike many other digital marketing strategies. While running a SEO campaign, SEO agencies can easily keep track of keyword rankings, traffic and conversions.

SEO is cost-effective as well. Compared to other outbound marketing strategies, SEO costs a lot less. This is because SEO targets only those users who are genuinely interested in a product or service. For example, leads generated through cold calling will cost you 61% more than those generated through SEO. Through SEO, companies can easily tap into highly qualified traffic and sell more while saving a good amount of money that’s otherwise wasted in on other forms of marketing. One of the biggest benefits of using SEO is that it leads to exponential growth in profits.

While SEO is one of the most affordable forms of marketing, it doesn’t have a fixed ‘rate card’. The price of SEO services may vary depending on the type of your business, the level of competition and your business goals. Whether it’s keyword analysis, link building or other SEO activities, different situations have different requirements. Moreover, the quality of SEO also varies. Therefore, it’s crucial to always stay away from scammers, newbies and ignorant practitioners.

SEO is never too expensive; it’s a highly profitable investment. It’s a marketing strategy which allows your website to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of ideal clients. What’s important to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t do your own SEO, particularly after all those game-changing Google updates. In the same way as you wouldn’t risk to print your business cards yourself and will get it done only by a professional company, you should also work with professionals to get the most out of your SEO. A professional SEO agency has been there and done that; they have the experience to assess your situation efficiently, create an effective plan and implement it appropriately so that your website attracts the right type of audience and makes you more money.