Guest blogging is not just an effective SEO technique, but it’s actually white-hat SEO in its purest form. It’s due to the huge benefits of guest posting or guest blogging that more and more SEO companies are offering these services. However, most of them are spamming the web in the name of guest posting. And there are very few agencies that truly understand the entire concept of guest blogging and how it should be approached to maximize website SEO benefits.

Guest Blogging

Whether you have a blog or a website, guest blogging has the potential to take your site’s SEO to the next level. In the post-Penguin era, it has emerged as one of those SEO tactics that are safer and more effective.

Guest Blogging and Its Huge Benefits
In simple terms, guest blogging or guest posting is publishing articles on a blog that’s not your own in a bid to boost the SEO of your own website or blog. Though a lot of people think that guest blogging mainly serves the purpose of building backlinks, it’s actually much, much more.

Guest blogging is a highly useful technique to –

  • Drive more traffic to your website or blog
  • Create awareness about your brand or products
  • Build online communities
  • Attract more email subscribers
  • Generate targeted traffic
  • Connect with other potential niche bloggers

Provided you adopt the right approach, you can effectively use guest blogging to improve the SEO of your website and give it a better position in major search engines like Google.

Beware of Mistakes!
But brace yourself! It’s also quite easy to make mistakes with guest posting like many bloggers or guest bloggers are already doing. If you are not fully aware of what guest blogging is and ‘what it is NOT’, you run a high risk of getting yourself into trouble. Worse still, a wrong approach towards guest posting can ruin the reputation of your brand and send your small business website straight to hell, even before you actually realize it.

Guest blogging is not article distribution or article syndication where you can create low quality articles at random, and publish them on any blogs where you get a chance or get approved.

While writing guest articles, you should also not focus too much on links. If you get obsessed over links, it’s quite easy to compromise on the quality of guest articles that you create. When links is all on your mind, you can also start to abuse anchor text or linking text (placed in the author bio of the guest article). With each guest article, in fact, you should endeavor to enhance your online reputation, showcase your niche expertise and create loyal customers.

And the rest will follow itself.

Where to Publish
Though it’s important to pay close attention to the quality of guest articles you write, it’s even more important to find those articles their appropriate homes. You shouldn’t publish guest posts on just any blog. In fact, there are several key factors that you should consider while choosing blogs.

Before you choose blogs to guest-post, make sure –

  • It’s relevant to your own niche.
  • It has a handsome Google PR (3+ at least)
  • It produces top quality content.
  • It publishes blog posts consistently.
  • It has a strong social media influence.
  • It gets a good number of comments.

Any blog that fulfills all the above-mentioned conditions should be a good fit for publishing your guest articles. Whether it’s about growing your site’s audience or expanding the presence of your business, locating authoritative blogs for guest posting is extremely important.

Are you using guest blogging or posting to improve the SEO of your website? Feel free to let me know what you think.