Google SEO : What to Expect in the Next Few Months

What makes SEO interesting is that it keeps changing or evolving. As the web world continues to get populated with more and more websites and blogs, providing users with top quality results becomes a huge challenge for major search engines like Google. No doubt, Google continues to get better with time, with more refined algorithms and sophisticated Google SEOspam fighting technology. Webmasters, therefore, need to keep a close watch on what’s next.

If you are confused as to what Google SEO will bring over the next few months, given below are a few key signals to watch out for.

The Next Generation of Penguin
Many of you may think that the next generation of Penguin algorithm (i.e. Penguin 2.0) is over. Though it started to roll out a little while back, it’s not over. In fact, this new generation of spam fighting technology is in full swing. As the Penguin algorithm continues to get more sophisticated, you need to make the required changes to your link building strategy.

Penguin 2.0 will be on until Penguin 3.0 starts to roll out. So, you can expect the Penguin algorithm to get even stronger.

PageRank Penalties
A few months back, Google brought its axe down on several UK-based newspapers and news websites. These sites were penalized because they were selling links to pass PageRank.

Be informed that such PageRank penalties are still continuing and will continue over the next few months as well. If you are selling links on your website, you don’t only run the risk of losing your PageRank altogether but you can ruin the entire search rankings of your website in Google.

Sophisticated Link Analysis
Backlinks analysis is a major issue with Google. Before Google decides to rank a website in its search results, it takes a look at its backlinks profile. Over the next few months and beyond, you can expect Google to come more heavily on the backlink analysis issue.

If the backlinks profile of your website looks unnatural or irrelevant, you will be in serious trouble.

Backlinks analysis should become a routine with webmasters.

Improved Communication via Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools does a good job of informing webmasters on a wide range of issues relating to the health of a website. Whether it’s about crawl issues, indexing issues or ranking issues, you can expect better communication with Google via the webmaster tools.

More Refined Panda Algorithm
Till now, Google has updated its Panda algorithm around twenty-five times. In the near future, Google will try to add additional quality signals to its Panda algorithm to evaluate the exact quality of a website.

If you are a web property owner, you should start to evaluate the content quality of your website on a regular basis. While creating content, you should always focus on the needs of your target audience. You need to create value-added content to your website on a consistent basis, while maintaining variety.

Check your website for duplicate, low quality and think content right now. And get ready to come up with a powerful strategy so that you can improve the quality of your website and maintain it as you go into the future.