The game of SEO is changing faster than you could ever expect. Almost every month, you get to hear about new Google updates or stories of website/ blog search penalties. If you thought you can manage your website’s SEO on your own, you’re severely mistaken. Particularly, when your website means business, you can never afford to take the risk of optimizing or making changes to your website on your own.

Even if the change that you’re making is as small as altering the meta data of your site, it can make a huge difference as far as ranking at the top of a major search engine like Google is concerned.

Ruin SEO

“Sometimes a business will lose its dominant search presence because of a minor change made to their website: a tweak to the navigation bar, a change to a page header or title tag, a new block of text added to the home page, a link included in a site-wide sidebar, etc”, says TrondLyngbo, a senior SEO strategist at MediaCom.

Let me put it straight once again – ‘Even a small, careless change can ruin the SEO of your website’.

Over the past two years, Google has been launching one search update after another, each one of them worth paying close attention to. Those days are over when you could have just anyone in your organization, train them a little on how to write the meta data of a website and insert keywords into the content here and there. And you would proudly call them an SEO promotion guy. If you’re following the same shady practices, you’re certainly treading on riskier grounds which would bring you nothing but penalties.

There are many web property owners who would start to jump even if they notice a slight change in the rankings of their website. You can’t be so restless or careless. More importantly, you can’t play games with or trick Google that’s becoming both smarter and stricter. It’s about time you made yourself more careful and more responsible because your company websites represents your business, generates leads for you and brings profits. If you lack extensive SEO experience, it’s always recommended that you don’t make any kind of modifications to your website on your own. Even if it’s only a small change, you should avoid doing it yourself.

Instead of making SEO changes on your own, you should use the services of a reputed SEO agency or hire an SEO expert.

A professional SEO agency –

Keeps a close watch on new search updates/ changes
Stays clear of all black-hat SEO techniques
Follows the Google webmaster guidelines
Uses effective SEO tools for analysing websites
Focuses on a task with all dedication, time and commitment
Has been there, and done that

Whether you notice any shifts in the search engine rankings of a website, plan to re-structure the entire SEO or make some small changes so that your website performs better, you should always seek the help of a professional SEO agency so that you keep your website safe and growing week after week and month after month.

The recent dynamics of SEO have taken even the experts by storm. Google is penalizing websites for many different types of black-hat tactics or spammy techniques which you may not be aware of. It’s quite easy to get tempted and modify the content of your company website every now and then in the hope of obtaining quick success. But it poses a great risk of facing a search penalty or even getting black-listed. By hiring a professional SEO agency, you’ll always stay clear of using black-hat SEO tactics, adhere to the Google quality guidelines and build the rankings of your website naturally.

Do you handle your website’s SEO on your own? Please feel free to share your thoughts or opinions in comments below.