Can you ignore social media anymore? Whether it’s about creating buzz around a new product, expanding the presence of your business, improving the SEO of your website or building a brand, social media has become an integral part of your overall marketing plan. If you jumped on to the social media bandwagon only recently, you may not have any idea about how to go about building a strong social media following.

Social Media Following

Don’t worry. Here are seven tips that you can use to get more social media followers and increase your influence on popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus among others.

#1. Know Your Goals

Before you develop a social media strategy, it’s important to know your goals really well. By increasing your presence on social media, you may want to drive more traffic to your company website or blog. You may also want to use social media to create awareness about a brand. You may want to build a vibrant community of loyal followers by using social media sites.

Make sure your goals are crystal-clear.

#2. Identify Your Target Audience

In order to achieve your goals via social media marketing, you should also identify your target market or audience. Every business, whether large or small, has a specific type of audience that it markets to. Therefore, you should also find out who your target audience is, where they belong and what their key demographics are.

Unless you have identified your target audience, you’ll be unable to develop a social media strategy that builds you a strong following.

#3. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

There are several social networking platforms that you can use. But you will never want to waste your time on a social network where your target audience doesn’t spend their time. Before you choose to join a social media platform, you should determine whether your target audience actually hangs out there.

#4. Enable Social Sharing

Whether it’s your blog or website, you should make sure you are using ways to encourage more social sharing of your content. For example, social media sharing buttons should be added to your blog, so that your readers can easily share the content with their contacts and friends. In any case, avoid adding tons of social media buttons. Focus on those that you think will make a huge difference as far as marketing of your site’s content is concerned.

#5. Share Quality Content

No matter which social media platforms you have chosen to participate at, you need to post links to content that resonates with your target audience. Your audience is constantly looking for information that’s educational, informative and useful. Unless you share quality content through your social media profiles, you’ll never be able to build a strong following.

#6. Create a Posting Schedule

Most of the businesses or companies ignore this important point. If you want your shared content to reach to the maximum number of people on a specific social network, you should create a posting schedule. Every social network, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus has its best time and day for maximum user reach.

Therefore, you need to develop an effective posting schedule keeping in mind the best time and day of each social network that you use.

#7. Don’t Oversell

If you want to build a large social media following without wasting a lot of time, you should always avoid being overly promotional. As soon as users come to know that you are there just to sell or promote your products, they will lose interest and stop following you. Therefore, you need to keep a close watch on the ratio of your normal messages to your sales messages.