The word Panda is on the tip of every webmaster’s tongue. So much so that even web property owners are having regular nightmares about the latest search ranking algorithm launched by Google. According to the Panda algorithm, websites with low quality content don’t deserve higher search rankings. The worst part of the story is that even one single Panda algorithmic update can throw an entire website out of SERPs overnight.

There are several small business, e-commerce and big company websites that have faced Panda’s heat in the last few months. However, it’s possible to recover a website smacked by Google’s Panda and regain the lost search engine rankings and traffic. But do you know the recovery tips?

Panda Recovery Tips

If not, given below are five key tips that you can use to recover your website (in case it was hit) from Panda and regain organic traffic.

#1. Give Your Website’s Content a Spring-Clean

If your website got onto Google’s Panda’s radar, you do have serious issues with its content. First and foremost, you need to take a microscopic look at every single piece of content on your website.

  • Here’s what you should do –
  • Get rid of all the duplicate content
  • Improve the low quality content
  • Add more content to pages with scanty content

In the post-Panda era of Google, top quality content is the backbone of your website. So, build it strong.

#2. Say Goodbye to Keyword Stuffing

The good old days are over! Keyword stuffing will not rank your website at the top in the new era of Google search. In fact, it will get your website caught by Google’s search algorithm and get penalized over and over again. To protect your website from future Panda attacks and recover from the last one, you should quit stuffing your web pages with keywords. And you should learn how to optimize a website in a way that your SEO falls into the white-hat category.

#3. Write More Original Content

It’s like an ongoing mission now. To recover quickly from a Panda update, after you have fixed low quality content issues, you need to start featuring more and more top quality content on your website. It’s not about how many new pieces of content that you publish in a day. It’s actually about the quality of content that you feature on your website consistently.

If you lack time or proper writing skills, it’s always advisable to hire an experienced content writer.

#4. Go Social

Today’s SEO is never complete without social signaling. If you want speedy recovery from Panda update and regain the lost traffic quickly, you should also pay serious attention to create as many social signals for your website content as possible. Start to use popular social networking websites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you promote your content really well so they get a good number of social shares on social media sites.

#5. Keep Advertisements to a Low

Too many advertisements also dilute the quality of a website. If a visitor to your website sees more advertisements at the first glance on your website than top quality content, you are in trouble. Ensure the main content of your website is always above-the-fold and advertisements are minimum.