I hope you still remember the strong message that Matt Cutts sent across, at the start of this year. Over the last few years, guest blogging has gone on to become a spammy practice, a surefire way of acquiring links. If you’re guest blogging solely for SEO purpose, it’s time to give it a halt. There was a time when guest blogging was considered to be a respectable thing. But it’s now no more than a black-hat SEO tactic, as far as Google is concerned.

Though you may already have started to re-structure your guest posting strategy after Matt’s announcement, there are a few important things that you should learn from the fall of guest blogging.

Here are four of them –

SEO is Dynamic
One of the most interesting things about SEO is that it’s a game where the rules continue to change. Since SEO is a dynamic industry, you should clearly understand the need to change your approach with time. In fact, you should keep a close watch on the Google algorithmic updates so that you know what’s latest and what’s out of date. You can never afford to center your SEO on a few tactics and continue with them for years. It’s important to identify the requirements of the latest Google quality guidelines and embrace the changes so that you can dominate the search results for the long term.

You should now think of SEO as a complete strategy that you should work out by researching extensively, analyzing appropriately and implementing effectively.

You Can’t Manipulate Google Rankings
The fall of guest blogging clearly dictates that you can’t manipulate the Google rankings through spammy tactics. Google doesn’t like it, after all the efforts that it invests into refining its search algorithms. Just like you can’t use article submission services, web directories and press release writing purely for SEO purposes, you can’t use guest blogging to gain links either.

In fact, you should quickly get rid of any thoughts of manipulating the Google search results by any kind of underhand techniques. The game of SEO is now very fair, comprehensive and competitive.

Top Quality Content is Key
If there’s one thing that you should always keep at the top of your mind, especially in the wake of Google’s latest algorithmic updates, it’s the creation of top quality content. Today’s SEO strategy must revolve around remarkable content, which is information that users are truly interested in. You can’t create content just for the sake of filling out your website (or blog) or for merely increasing the number of pages on your site. Your content should always focus on the day-to-day requirements of your target audience. The content that you create should answer the questions that your customers are facing. Your content should teach customers something new. It should have the capability to inform, inspire and engage the audience.

Links Have to Be Earned
The fall or decay of guest blogging points to a quick change in your link building strategy. It may be easy to get links. But earning links is something that depends only on the quality of your website or content. If you thought you could easily build links by purchasing them or exchanging them with your co-bloggers or online friends, you should quit the obsession right away. Links are like rewards that you need to win on the basis of your merit. Therefore, it’s also time to rethink your link building strategy so that you can survive in the modern era of SEO and improve the presence of your business on the web.